Saturday, 10 March 2012

White Cat by Holly Black

Assalamualaikum U ouls

Ohemjayy =,=

This book is lovely, I loved it. Some would say that this is a step down from the Tithe series, but I disagree. I adored this far more than Tithe and I only had one problem with this book.

Oh yes, it was very, very, very boring in the beginning. It seemed to drag and eventually, I became so uninterested that I put it aside for a while and read many other books.  The horrors of not being able to use the soundless(but awesome) computors there. So then, I put on a brave face, and began reading and was surprised.

Because VOILA! The plot picked up, the storyline got interesting and I was captured by the characters. The lovely relationship between Cassel and Lila entralled me mainly because it rang so true. Little girls could be real bullies, especially to little boys they favor so much. That's one thing that really captures me about Holly's books, they have that strong real feeling to them. That strong urban feeling that a lot of YA books lack, and that's what makes her such a superb author. Also, It's pretty nice to read a book with a pretty cover that isn't a piece of crap.

So where was I? Oh yeah, the plot got interesting quickly as the truth came out. Nobody was who he had thought they were, and that sucked me in too. Though what the truth was, well, I'm not telling.

So would I reccommend this? Oh hell yeah. This book is lovely in so many ways, and I'd reccommend this to anybody who wants to get away from the fluff. This book delivers.


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