Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Aku lemah tanpa kamu :'(

Seriously aku memang dah nangis kat PALAM. Aku nak call Nyah , Madi , Nadia and buku hitam crews. Unfortunately my phone had gone. Aku memang tak tahan study sini. Sumpah aku nak balik. Arghh , kuatkan aku. I've got nobody to be my real friends like you guys. I'm really changed a lot. I'm became passive and trust me , you'll not believe in me. I've got no strength staying here . I'm totally hopeless. I'm walking alone here , no friends to share the laughs and joke together. I'm just missed the moments back then. When we're still childish , we were brave to do anything , but now the light seem to become dimmer than I've ever thought. Aah , I can't catch up everything here. Oh Allah help me .

Hugs and kisses :*

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