Monday, 16 July 2012


oh my. mood menggatal makin menaik. tak taw napa. but then seriously rasa bosan yang teramat kalau orang tu tak online. merajuk kah? tak suka kah? haiyoo. tulaa. tapi.... tapi...... errr

tulaa. cita pinochio ni pon jadi best kot. ntahpappe je. exam kot. fon rosak kot. haiyoooo. hailaaaa. menagih simpati.

but seriously!!! WEY, ONLINE LA!! AM WAITING FOR SUMMONING NI!!! brrrrrr~~~~~~

but then kan, i know someone do hate me because of me being a friend. perlukah? it is just fun to be friend with thou. don't make any nonsense  judgement before you know the truth. being thou best friend do sometime make me jelly, but then i ignore it. it is true that first to become a best friend then sparks started. am not saying bout me. but thee one. haiyoooooo

i do feel unsatisfied sebab laaaa. thee best friend pon ignore me. thee ignore me too.... maybe la. hurmmmm. if that so. please don't involve anything with me again ok.

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