Thursday, 20 December 2012

peace yaw! no harm no offense :D

it must be really real hurt for you to keep your feeling for this long.

it has been a time you were hiding it.

because you know your love is forbidden.

so you choose to remain silent.

you let it that way because you afraid that....

you afraid to face the reality

reality that people would never understand and they would never accept it.

in fact, they would never ever letting themselves to learn and try to understand you.

a song played in your mind. the lyrics were like written for you

"mirror on the wall,
here we are again,
through my rise and fall,
you've been my only friends.
you tell me that they can understand the man i am.
so why are we.......??
talking to each other again..." 

why do you favor me so much? 

you sure are a fan of mine!

im sorry.

but between us,

the relation would never go far from what we had today.

im sorry. 

i am sorry.

you never told me how you feel,

but you let me know what you feel.

its your action that reveal every single things!

i am sorry my dear.

sorry for being so dense in this matter.

and sorry for the reasons i cannot accept you feeling towards me.

sorry for not realising your feeling:'(

i am sorry fatimah:'(

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