Friday, 18 January 2013

amalina!!! i move on suda :DD

i know it's hard to find someone who is more childish than me
(except for BANI)
but hey
i found many
which they seems to be pro in maturity
but huh?
they are more childish than me
which i should say
when i say "aku dah tak heran''
i will never care about what you guys wanna do
wanna bromance?
wanna rot in hell?
wanna fart?
wanna fight?
wanna die?
wanna call me bitch or miserable (which i call you guys mother fucker jerks)
then we are equal!! HAHAHAHAHA
so take note
i am so not good in consulting myself
i tend on crying and caring for others
i tend to make fights with my friends
(only with the one i called friends)
but not with you guys anymore
because i declare that you guys are just mr and mrs invisible
in my book
so relieved now!!!
because i have no desire 
to create any fight with you
and i will ignore you guys
because you jerks are not my friends anymore.
so thank you jerks for making me :
1. calling you guys jerks
2. for making you guys suckers
3. for declaring invisibility
4.  and showing my childish more
5. make me a drama director (grab popcorn)
6. for making me concern of my life more
7. for making me learn the 'friends' meaning
back to topics -,-
why i say you guys are childish than me?
because you don't fight in ring
you fight outside the rings
(which i said it is a coward action)
and lastly
i am so thankful if you jerks are annoyed with me
as i was double the triple the infinity
annoyed with you guys!!!

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