Wednesday, 16 January 2013


assalamualaikum peeps.
looks like more people kind of neglecting this blog which i believe most of you guys are busy.
it past 3 days from my birthday and many things happened lately
especially those who i so called 'friends' here
it's not that i'm pissed off or i'm sad.
i was just tired of caring and crying and thus,
this made the ignorance me
yesterday, they wanted to have birthday celebration for me
by bringing up 101% hopes 
that i will be happy or what
but guys!!
i don't celebrate birthday
i don't blow candles
i don't like birthday songs
i don't like birthday cakes
and stuffs
because this things made me feel so shy
when somebody do appreciate me
so thus, i will hide my shyness
by looking that i don't even care what you guys are doing :(
the thing that i only craved from my big day
is only
birthday wishes
i don't mind presents
(which i exactly never wanted to)
because i don't want to have any dept on people
because me myself do not concern bout dates
and i think
i might will forget your birthday later.
i'm so sorry for screwing it up yesterday
and i even don't know how to fix it. -,-
and i know, that's the exchange
for not wishing me on that day,
so againn.
i'm deeply sorry for everything :(

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