Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Baby You You'reThe Reason I Can Fly :')

Hai it has been so long since we met last year . Or maybe 2 years ago . Been missing le girls like crazy . And how I wish we can still talking , laughing , condemning each others like siblings , sleeping in one small cube of room , sharing the same pillow , smiling and stalking our baby fishes at DS , eating after Maghrib like we're the one who rule the world , walking together for an outing , sharing laughter and sadness , fighting to understand each other better , you guys are like a wing that lifts me up when I'm about to fall .  How I wish we're still there . 

Here are some short notes why do I love you guys :
1. You guys are rocks as RAMLI SARIP . 
2. You guys are cool . Uh , I can said you guys are my boyfriends .
3. I can talk things randomly .
4. I can scream out loud .
5. I didn't afraid to even drown in the ocean if it is with you guys .
6. Najwa can sew and cook better than a chef .
7. Nadia is the my boyish girlfriend *lelaki jambu
8. Nyah will always be my PONDAN girlfriend .
7. Tasha , I miss you BUJEI . Not you but your stomach
8. Nadlon , Lazy Japanese Pwincesssss .
9. Madi , the sekeleh one and my partner in CSI Kuantan .
10. How I wish I'm at home eating AYAMAS nuggets with ciken .


Pray for my final le girls .Have faith in Allah. May Allah bless all of us and grant us Jannah. 

1. Pray at the time
2. Do read Quran and understand the meanings
3. Read al-Mathurat in morning and after Asar
4. Zikrullah
5. Cover our aurah le girls
6. Let us attain Jannah together

 Hugs and kisses , CikApronungu :*


  1. waaaaaa, timahhhh!!!!!!!!
    sweeettttt gila kauuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love yaaaaaaaaaa..
    all the very BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST ntok final kau!!

    1. Well i can sweet macam gula gula . lol . Thankssss pray for me . Really need strength to face the final up .